Household products in general, such as detergents and cleaners, most of the time face continuous rough handling, high friction condition and accidental spill over the labels. That’s why labels have to endure multiple squeezers and whithstand fading due to chemical spills. For these reasons, we use the highest quality material that will ensure to hold the label on the package in any environment.

  • Self-Adhesive Labels

    Self-Adhesive Labels

    High-quality easy-peel labels print, used as a promotional tool in various industries as they give identification to the product. They come in various designs and forms with multiple colors.

  • Shrink Sleeves

    Shrink Sleeves

    Shrink sleeve labels are printed on a plastic or polyester film material that shrinks to fit a container’s shape when subjected to heat. They are extremely visually appealing since they offer full color, 360-degree design coverage They fit any container and contour the special shapes, even the most complex ones. Since the graphics are printed on the inside of the sleeve, the appearance will remain the same despite the moisture & abrasion they may be exposed to. Also, they could be used in combination packaging to promote multiple containers together as one unit.

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